May 26, 2016


GEOSAT has developed a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and highly effective alternative to traditional seismic studies which reduces costs of up to 70%. Geosat Remote Sensing Technology (patented under https://www.google.com/ patents/US20160047939) is an excellent exploration tool to minimize cost and time for any further geological, geochemical and/or geophysical survey by providing the EVIDENCE of the existence of oil and gas, water, mineral resources and geothermal energy.  
The GEOSAT method is ideal in difficult, sensitive, and large unexplored areas – both onshore- and offshore (shallow water – up to a “clear” water depth of 200 meters) and can be applied independently of the geographical or political situation of the globe.
Summary of the benefits are as follows:
  • Reducing the exploration cost
  • Doubling the drilling success
  • Environmentally-friendly and non-invasive (quiet and not affecting surface and subsurface facilities)
  • Better and faster return on investment (field performance: exploration costs)